Yorkshire Montessori Headingley is the newest of Yorkshire Montessori’s nurseries.

It’s been lovingly refurbished to create interesting, secure spaces for the children to explore. Our prime location enables each of our age groups to make the most neighbouring Burley Park, where we regularly enjoy the playground and the open space. We also have our own gardens too, where we care for plants and watch them grow. Due to our central location, our older children enjoy trips further afield, sometimes adventuring to Leeds on the train to see exhibitions, or visiting the local care home to spend time with the residents.

The nursery takes children from babies through to pre-schoolers and accepts funding for two, three and four year olds, including the 30 hours provision.

As with all our nurseries, we work closely with the parents/guardians of each child, using an interactive learning journey to document a full picture of the child’s progression. We also make the most of our open house days events, where we invite families to be a part of activities at nursery, doing our best to ensure that nursery is a home away from home.

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Pedestrian access from Cardigan Road, vehicle access from Chapel Lane, opposite Broomfield Crescent.