Our Fulford nursery is close to the heart of the city of York and the children here have a wealth of knowledge about our great city and it’s history, being immersed in much of our surrounding culture.

We enjoy trips to the library, museums, the neighbouring Rowntree Park, Danesmere Woods and other places of interest nearby. We also have a wealth of facilities within the nursery too. Our recent refurbishment has created a brand new entrance and enclosed roof garden above. We also have a courtyard garden, outdoor workshop and adjacent outdoor area for games and activities.

The nursery takes children from babies through to pre-schoolers and accepts funding for two, three and four year olds, including the 30 hours provision.

As with all our nurseries, we work closely with the parents/guardians of each child, using an interactive learning journey to document a full picture of the child’s progression. We also make the most of our open house days events, where we invite families to be a part of activities at nursery, doing our best to ensure that nursery is a home away from home.

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