What’s Been Happening at Moortown Montessori

What’s Been Happening at Moortown Montessori

Babies have enjoyed learning all about Autumn! We have been getting busy with all sorts of Autumn themed activities including collecting Autumn treasures on our walks and exploring them in sensory trays.
We have also enjoyed exploring some pumpkins. We enjoyed an activity in which we mixed the insides with some gloop and mixed it all together, filling the pumpkin all the way to the top, it felt very cold and sticky!

Toddlers  have been very busy this month enjoying lots of Autumn activities. We have especially loved talking about all the different colours of the leaves.
We engaged our senses by creating some Autumnal sensory bags, they all felt different and made different noises, we loved exploring them. Some of the children made some pumpkin soup with pre-school, we practised and cutting and mixing skills. Jane cooked it for us in the kitchen and we ate it for our tea, it was delicious.

Preschool has been very busy exploring lots of Autumn activities. We have particularly enjoyed making our own pumpkin soup and doing some conker and leaf painting.

We would like to thank all parents who came along to our Montessori stay and play, we enjoyed sharing our skills with you all and hope you all learned something. Verity has suggested 3 books that you may find useful if you would like to continue to Montessori learning at home. These are as follows, ‘Montessori play and learn’ by Lesley Britton, ‘Teach me to do it by myself’ by Maja Pitamic and ‘Montessori read and write’ by Lynne Lawrence.