What’s Been Happening at Fulford Montessori

What’s Been Happening at Fulford Montessori

Here are just a few of the things you children have been up to at nursery.

Babies have enjoyed lots of trips out and about in our local community. We have visited Rowntree Park, the university fields and been along the river bank, looking for signs of Autumn. We had lots of fun playing in the leaves and looking at all the beautiful Autumn colours. The babies have also been busy engaging in different sensory experiences. This has included exploring pumpkins and their gooey insides! They have got very messy painting Autumn leaves.

Toddlers have really enjoyed exploring Autumn through lots of different activities. They have been on lots of walks looking for seasonal changes and Autumn fruits; they had a great time looking for apples, finding them on the floor and on a tree. They have also used lots of different materials as well, making clay leaves and homes for mice using straw, twigs and leaves they had collected – the children not the mice!! Autumn colours were explored using different painting techniques such as mixing and printing. A favourite activity was making hedgehog bread, it was very tasty!!

Preschool have been getting stuck into Autumn. They have explored the local area, the woods, the park and the river bank; they noticed seasonal changes and had a big discussion about hibernation. Following that they made hedgehog homes to leave in the woods and then modelled hedgehogs from clay using twigs they collected as spikes. The children collected lots of leaves and this sparked lots of interest in painting and colour mixing. The children continue to develop their Montessori work extending activities and exploring new materials. The older children in the room have enjoyed showing the new children the ropes and helping them settle in and use the equipment.

Allotment News
The children have enjoyed harvesting the last of this year’s vegetables, Pre school were delighted to find carrots in three different colours – orange, yellow and purple – who knew!!! All were brought back to nursery for a good scrub and taste test!! Our thoughts now move onto what we want to plant for next year – I vote for more purple vegetables!!

Forest School
Unfortunately we have had to suspend Forest School in recent weeks due to vandalism and rubbish that has been left in the woods. The Danesmead Wood Committee and the local police are aware and are taking steps to resolve this, as soon as we can safely get back in there we will.