Montessori Philosophy

An Introduction to Our Montessori Philosophy

Children have a great capacity to learn and they begin this journey from the moment they are born. With loving care and encouragement, children will flourish in these early years, whilst their enthusiasm to become like us knows no bounds. As adults, we respect this incredible journey. We also respect the unique individual who sets out to find his or her place in this complex world.

And that is the backbone to our Montessori philosophy. At nursery, the Montessori ethos acknowledges the part we must responsibly play in the lives of our children. We recognize that each individual child can thrive and has the right to learn freely. We will nurture and inspire the children in a carefully prepared environment, so that their future is secure and, importantly, enjoyable.

In a world which is becoming a smaller and smaller community, we need to inspire our children to create a society which lives, loves and works together. We must be alert enough to know that these early years are a time when every child absorbs what is happening around them, forming principles which will stick with them for life.

Our rooms are led by experienced staff and dedicated Montessori teachers work specifically in the Montessori classroom, for children aged two and a half years upwards. The staff guide each child to discover and learn from the resources around them. Numeracy, literacy, art, history, geography, cultures, science, biology and much more is part of our pre-school experience.

Children who experience this type of learning and development grow into competent, lifelong learners. They will build up essential life skills by drawing on activities which use their five senses, their spatial awareness, their motor skills, as well as their culture and environment.

The nursery is a place where children are filled with wonder, fulfilment and challenge. We appreciate that they are future parents, inventors, teachers, paramedics, leaders. We train and teach our staff so that they are the best role-models we can offer these young minds. We show respect for what the child wants to, and needs to learn, as well as how it will be learned.

We understand that not one child is the same and so we don’t impose a certain play, or an area of learning, because of the frustration and conflict it can produce. There has to be space for the child who wants to work with mathematics and play with the number rods, rather than draw in the art corner.

But we are safe in the knowledge that each area has been carefully constructed so that they link and support the child as he/she explores and plays. No time is wasted here! The rooms are prepared with every area that will inspire a child to experiment and pursue knowledge. But importantly, we allow their choice within the rooms to be free.

The teacher is trained to guide and direct, knowing when to encourage a child to develop a skill or try another activity. That essential freedom, choosing what they learn, creates a very positive atmosphere. It also creates an instinctive respect for the child and from the child. And so, during the activities, he or she will experience and learn the essential ground rules that make the nursery work so well.

As a provider of Montessori childcare and education, an essential part of our philosophy is our respect for the community and its people. We offer good role models and ensure that the children experience life in the community around us.

We extend this philosophy throughout our nursery life, even with the food we use. Wherever possible, we buy locally sourced food so that we can support our community’s local producers. We use organic fresh fruit and vegetables supplied locally, as well as local organic milk from our milkman.

We use their produce in our carefully cooked meals here on the premises. Our cook is fully involved in the children’s lives at the nursery and our menus are purposely created for growing children. Upon enrolment, you will receive the Food Policy and weekly menus.

Our staff values each individual and we all feel that it is our privilege to work with each and every one of the children who come to our nursery.