A note from Helen Gration

Thank you for taking a look at our nurseries and we hope we can help you with your childcare needs.

When I became a mum to my amazing twin boys, I felt such a surge of protection and nurturing to provide them with my very best. As they grew, this compelling passion for my children translated into another need. I wanted to offer other children compassionate care that was really special whilst they were away from their family and home.

And so was born my Montessori nurseries: Exceptional places that spoke directly to the child, filled with items of wonder to inspire them, and staffed with people who believed as strongly as I did that each child deserved the best.

With a previous career as a Television Director for BBC News in London, I knew the demands of a working life, as well as the hopes we as parents have for a solid educational start. I wanted my nurseries to reflect all these needs of a family.

Dr. Maria Montessori had researched child development meticulously over 100 years ago, and had presented us with the backbone of a system that did just that. It is a system that has been adopted by many curriculums throughout the world, including the Early Years Foundation Stage that is the statutory curriculum for Early Years in this country.

The Montessori system allows children to explore learning from their perspective, and to feel good about themselves as they explore, which in turn keeps them involved. I have often seen how self-confident in learning they become and it is wonderful. They also develop a need for order and a self-discipline, because the system works. We always make sure that when a child shows a particular interest in something, we develop materials and activities to extend that interest and motivate further.

As a Mum, I see the results in my own children, two completely different characters! I know that this is the way to work in order to present a nursery that truly supports a child in the early years, one that supports your child.

I have continued to extend my knowledge, qualifying as an Early Years Teacher, and becoming the Yorkshire and Humber Trustee for the National Day Nurseries Association, a charity which campaigns for improving quality across all nurseries. I myself have met with Ministers and MPs, and work with Professors and Councillors, to progress information and knowledge and improve the outcomes for children as a result.

And so, for us at Yorkshire Montessori Nurseries, we work hard to inspire the children and to develop our staff team. We work continuously at reflecting on our nurseries and improving them – from activities to food, outdoor spaces to furniture, observation systems to books, role-play, nature trails and our link with our community. And we work with you, the family, to ensure that we have got it right for your child.

I hope you like it. I believe we come from the heart in our caring for a child and that it is the right place to help nurture your child.

Thank you

Helen Gration (BA Hons, Early Years Teacher)