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Visting The Strensall Chickens
Visting The Strensall Chickens

This morning at Strensall Montessori we had a a very exciting trip to see some chickens at one of our pre-school children’s house near nursery.

We fed the chickens some of their special food and saw where they sleep and lay eggs. The chickens were let out of their run and then we had to chase them around the garden to get them back into their run before we left. We also got to bring some eggs back to Pre-School with us. We had a white egg, a brown egg and and very pale blue egg. We looked at the eggs at circle time with the rest of the children later in the day and we talked about the sizes, shapes and weights of the eggs and the similarities and differences between the different eggs.

On our way back to Pre-School we also called in at the library to swap some library books. We read some stories together and chose some new books to take back to Pre-School to share with our friends.

Celebrating Earth Day
Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

Today we celebrated Earth Day at preschool! (Earth Day was yesterday but we were celebrating it today!)

We listened to the story ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ and we picked up lots of helpful ideas how we can help look after our earth. We then looked at pictures of things we should and shouldn’t do at preschool that will help save the earth. These including thinking about recycling, turning off lights, not wasting food and hanging the wet clothes on the washing line to dry.

There were lots of little earth day activities to do this morning including a recycling activity where we sorted plastic and card into different boxes and looked at a recycling book. an earth day pairs activity, a size ordering earth day activity, colouring pages and scissor earth day practice sheets.

The Lorax

In small groups we made a tree for our friend the Lorax! We practiced writing our name on our picture, glued a tree trunk on our picture and then used different sized circles to create a picture of a tree. Some children cut out their own Lorax using scissors and we used glue to place him in the tree. The children then thought about why trees are important and Heather added these ideas onto our pictures. The children had some great ideas including ‘trees give us clean air’, ‘owls, birds, squirrels and monkeys live in trees’, ‘apples and pears grow on trees’ and ‘trees make paper!’

Building Erupting Volcanos
Building Erupting Volcanos

Pre School Strensall Montessori

This morning at circle time Pre-School made an erupting volcano as part of our dinosaurs topic. To begin with we talked about how during the time of the dinosaurs there were lots of erupting volcanos. We also discussed how we still have volcanos in our world today although many of them no longer erupt any more.

Building Our Erupting Volcanos

We worked together as a group to help do the different processes involved in creating and erupting our volcano. To begin with we had to build our volcano and we did this with some sand. We had to make sure we shaped the sand into a mound shape for our volcano and then into the top of the volcano we placed a plastic cup for our experiment.

After building the shape of the volcano we then explored the different ingredients and resources we needed for our volcano eruption. We didn’t know what clear liquid in the bottle was so we took it in turns to give the bottle a sniff. We found out that the liquid had a strong smell and from the smell we worked out the liquid was vinegar. We also talked about the other ingredients of paint, water, baking soda, washing up liquid and water.

We had a ‘recipe’ to follow to make the volcano erupt so we took it in turns to add the different ingredients to the cup we had placed in our volcano. Firstly we poured some water into the cup. We then added 5 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of washing up liquid and a squirt of paint. To make the eruption we then carefully squirted some of the vinegar into the cup as well. When the vinegar was added we watched our volcano erupt which was very exciting!

As we watched the volcano erupt we talked about the reason why it erupted when we added the vinegar to the cup and we learnt that the vinegar reacted with the baking soda to make it fizz and expand and flow out of the cup down the sides of the volcano!

We loved making the volcano erupt so much that we decided to do another eruption as well with a clean cup and all the same ingredients again!

This activity was done at circle time which meant it was quite a long circle time but everyone remained focused and attentive and really enjoyed being able to take their turn in helping to make our volcano erupt. Later in the morning we also added some other dinosaur figures to the tray with the sand and we had a dinosaur tactile tray to play in and explore. We used the timer to measure the amount of time children could play in the sand tray so that everyone who wanted to got a fair amount of time to explore the sand and dinosaurs.

Coming Events at Strensall Montessori
Coming Events at Strensall Montessori


  • Real Bread Week 22nd February – 1st March
  • Pancake Day 25th February


  • World Book Day 5th March
  • First Day of Spring 19th March
  • Spring Stay and Play 23rd March

Competition Time:

None at the moment


Upcoming Topics – most weeks we are following ‘sparks’ and interests shown by the children but if we are planning on any specific topics they will appear below:




Upcoming holidays are:

10th April – Good Friday

13th April – Easter Monday

8th May – May Day Bank Holiday – this is a FRIDAY

25th May – Spring Bank Holiday

31st August – August Bank Holiday

24th December – Christmas Eve.  We usually close at 1pm.

28th December – Boxing Day (Substitute Day – Monday)


What’s Been Happening at Strensall Montessori
What’s Been Happening at Strensall Montessori

Babies– throughout October have been following an autumn topic. The babies have been on autumn walks and have enjoyed exploring their findings back at the nursery. We have explored the different autumnal colours through paints and tactile play.

Toddlers– over the past few weeks have been looking at an autumn book each week and then doing different activities around things that are in the book. The toddlers have especially liked ‘the very helpful hedgehog’ book and enjoyed making hedgehog bread.

Preschool– have been learning about transport. We talked about tractors, aeroplanes and jets and we talked about ferries, Sophie will be showing the children her ferry photos. We also learnt about people that help us, we talked about the fire service and fire engines and the recent B & M fire. We also talked about the ambulance service, the dentist and the doctors.