The things he sees are not just remembered, they form a part of his soul. Dr. Maria Montessori
Welcome to York Montessori

Welcome to Yorkshire Montessori Nurseries

In York at Fulford and Strensall, and in Leeds at Headingley and Moortown.

Welcome to our Yorkshire Montessori nurseries! We are dedicated to providing a place of childcare for you and of creativity for your child, immersed in wonderful fun and exceptional learning for these early years. We set this all in the safe, attentive care of our early years educators and our inspiring children’s nurseries.

We have a committed Montessori ethos, offering Montessori teachers, Early Years Teachers and Early Years Educators. We have built this trustworthy platform over a decade. We value each child, nurturing their individual path of development and their distinctive love of life and learning. Here, a child can feel secure amongst a loving atmosphere where enjoyment and exploration goes hand in hand.

Key to our vision is the Founder, Helen Gration, who drives forward a passionate and informed approach to children and their learning, committed to the Montessori philosophy and practice for her nurseries. She ensures that the standards of our staff are high, with qualifications well above the ‘norm’, and that their professional development is continuous. We believe in a staff that thrives.

Helen Gration (BA Hons, EYT) discovered the Montessori approach when she became a mum to her twin boys. It was a natural choice for her nurturing instincts to follow their very individual characters. As Regional Chair (Yorkshire & Humber) for the National Day Nurseries Association, Helen contributes to the childcare issues at every level, here at its roots to the causes that are part of our country’s government.

We are delighted that our Strensall nursery, (our registered office and training centre) has earned ‘outstanding’ from Ofsted in successive judgements as a childcare provider. We continue to train and nurture our staff team from that base, so that all our nurseries achieve the same judgement as their inspections come about.

In this way, we always ‘follow the child’ as Dr Maria Montessori observed over 100 years ago. And we present her tried and tested structure in this special environment, alongside up-to-date resources and an enjoyment and learning for life that works with wonderful success for each unique child.

Watch them flourish as you join us to inspire your child at one of our nurseries.
Come and visit us. We look forward to meeting you. Thank you.

And read Helen Gration’s blogs about everything related to early years at MMB Magazine. 

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To get Allotment Week underway #Fulford #Preschool went to check out the current crop of #fruit and veg on the allotment we share. They harvested the most ENORMOUS courgettes and came up with lots of food ideas to use them. They also found blackberries which they picked and used to make #smoothies for their afternoon snack. #NationalAllotmentWeek #allotments @nationalallotmentsweek @NationalAllotmentsociety #yorkshiremontessori #montessori #toddlers #babies #preschooler #nursery #york ... See MoreSee Less